This is us, the family behind Kind is cool.

I’m Amber.

When I started Kind is Cool, I just wanted to bring a little bit of kindness into a world that suddenly felt dark to me. 

I’d been bullied by someone of authority that I worked with and it had really shaken me. I’d experienced first hand the affect bullying in the workplace as an adult can have.

The thought that I bringing up my two young boys in a world where things like that can happen, made me really sad.

I was determined to do something to bring more kindness into the world. I saw clothing as a blank canvas that could be used for good, to be used to spread kindness and inspire others to be kind!

And now, one t-shirt at a time this is happening.

Kind is Cool has grown into a global brand, worn by celebrities and change makers all over the world. We are a proud partner with Bully Zero and co-founders of National Be Kind Day. 

As a company, we started small. Originally we used a dropshipper to print the t-shirts, then as the business grew we invested in taking the production and printing in house to provide better customer service, faster turn around times and to ensure the quality was maintained in product and service.

I design all the products, hubby and I print them in our garage that we converted into a workshop, and my two boys and Georgia (our first employee) pack the orders.

Our products are ethically sourced, from suppliers with high ethical and sustainability standards.

They are made with love, in the hope at least one person wearing them will be kinder and/or inspire others to be kind.

A small act of kindness can change everything - it shifts your mindset, it makes someone’s day better, and it creates a ripple that contributes to building a kinder world.

Nothing changes if nothing changes. 

We can only create change if we actually change ourselves - our mindset, our actions and our thoughts. 

Kind Is Cool was founded with the intent to lead by example and show our younger generations that being kind is cool. 


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