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      Yamamillah (a beautiful big range on Kalkadoon country) adults t shirt

      "The title of this piece is KALKATUNGU country. We paint our traditional homelands heavily focusing onthe landscape because it is very special to us, this country is where our father and our mother call home, we were raised here and it's where we are raising our children also, I remember as a child always being surrounded by Aunties and Uncles and now reliving fond memories of our numerous bush trips piled in theback of our 11 seater troop carrier, camped under the stars, eating bush tucker, and listening to our family sing around the camp fire. This country is very rough and rugged, the heat has twisted and folded back on its self and the ochres have been pushed up from the depths with gold and silver and many other minerals which gives us the most unique mineral belt in the world. The peach covered skies mixed with the blues, pinks and purples, points us the well known Kalkadoon sunsets."

      Prilla Prilla (Kalkadoon name for a child) kids t shirt

      "This is our tribe, we come in all shades, but most importantly what is being portrayed here is that we should embrace the colours of all humanity like

      children do, who see no colour, just kindness, love and friendship."

      $2 from each t shirt sold is donated to 

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      2 products