Last year, 57 women were killed by male violence in Australia. In the first 30 weeks of 2023, the Red Heart Campaign, led by Sherele Moody, has noted the killing of 35 Australian women.  The majority have been allegedly killed by a current or former male intimate partner. 
      This puts Australia on track for yet another year where the annual rate of women being killed by a current or former male partner is one death per week.  

      We wanted to release something that not only recognises the 57 women killed last year but for every woman that has been killed by male violence.
      We need education, we need conversations started with the next generation, we need better mental health support and intervention for men AND women. 
      $2 from every sale is donated to OUR WATCH.
      Our Watch is a national leader in the primary prevention of violence against women and their children in Australia.
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